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Austria is a civilization within Age of Chivalry: Hegemony . This article only covers Austria in the game. For history, check out the History article.

Civilizational Benefits[]

Policy Decisions[]

Hausmacht - Castles +1500 HP, Spear Infantry +1P armour, Enables Cuman Auxiliary, enables research of Plackart

Romzug - Ministeriales +1 attack, Handgunners have +1/2P armour, Enables Reichsritter, enables research of Granulated Gunpowder, enables conversion and technologies related to it

Unique Units and Technologies[]

Gefolgsmann -Lancer with attack bonus vs. siege weapons

Cuman Auxiliary - Cavalry Archer with fast firing rate; requires Hausmacht

Ladsknecht - Unique upgrade to Pikeman

Doppelsoldner - Heavy Infantry with powerful but slow attack,damaging adjacent units; requires Maximilian Reform

Maximilian Reform - Upgrades Pikemen to Landsknechte, Enables Doppelsoldner.

Units Available[]


Militia Line - Austria receives all units within the militia line.

Spearman Line - Austria receives both spearman-line units, but they have a higher cost in resource. However, researching Maximilian Reform enables an unique upgrade to the stronger Landsknecht, making them worth the investment.


Light Cavalry Line - Austria does not receive the Hobelar. However, light cavalry have 30% more HP, and all scout units have +2 LOS.

Ministeriales - Austria receives this unit. In addition, they receive +1 attack, and researching Romzug tacks on another attack point.

Lancer Line- Austria receives both units of this line.

Militia Lancer Line - Austria does NOT receive this line.


Skirmisher Line - Austria receives both units within this line.

Archer Line - Austria does NOT receive the Arbalester.

Cavalry Archer Line - Austria receives unique units within this line.

Siege Weapon[]

Researching Drill improves the speed of all siege weapons by 50%.

Ram Line - Austria receives all units of this line.

Scorpion Line - Same as above.

Mangonel Line - Same here, too. Good siege civ, huh?

Other Siege Units - Austria receives the Florentine Gunner and Trebuchet.

Castle Units[]

Knightly Infantry - Austria receives both units of this line.

Knightly Cavalry - Austria does NOT receive the Royal Knight, but its subordinate, the Ritter, does receive +1 attack.

Unique Unit - see above.

Naval Units[]

Mercenary Warship Line - Austria does NOT receive the Caravel .

Galley Line - Austria and sixteen other civs lack the Galeass.

War Cog - Austria and sixteen other civs lack the Holk.

Demolition Ship - Austria receives the Demolition Ship.


Blacksmith - Of 19 technologies available, Austria is able to research all except Gorget, Sallet and Pavises.

Military - Austria can NOT research Drill Pikemen. Researching Hausmacht enables Plackart.

Castle - Austria receives all technologies at this building.

Dock - Austria does NOT receive Dry Dock and Drift Netting.

Economy - Austria does NOT receive the Two-Man Saw ,Bills of Exchange, Crop Rotation and Sheep Husbandry.

Church - Austria does NOT receive Chiliasm, Celibacy, Localised Interdict, Manuscript Uniformity, Block Printing, or Girdle Book.

Town Hall - Austria receives all technologies at this building.

University - Austria does NOT have the oppurtunity to upgrade to Keeps. They also lack Architecture, Bombard Tower, Heated Shot, or the Treadmill Crane.

Princely Court - Austria has the full array of techs to pick from.


The Austrian Monument (Stephansdom)