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The Archer is the basic unit of the archer line to be trained at the Archery Guild and for Scotland at the Highland Barracks. In the 13th century, it can be upgraded to the Crossbowman. For Scotland and England, the Archer is the only unit available from this line.

Vital Statistics[]

Century: 12th

Training Facility: Archery Guild, Highland Barracks.

HP: 30

Attack: 4

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/0

Range: 6

Accuracy Percentage: 60

Reloading Time: 2

Cost: 25 Wood , 45 Florins

Special: +6 vs spearmen


Upgrades to: Crossbowman

Upgrade Century: 13th

Upgrade Costs: 150 Food, 100 Florins

Attack, range: Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, Bracer, Bow Practice

Attack: Alchemy

Armour: Padded Archer Armour, Leather Archer Armour, Ring Archer Armour, Pavises

Accuracy: Thumb Ring

Civs and Archers[]

Bohemia: +1 attack, cheaper. Researching Taborite Sect +1 attack.

Brittany: more HP, cost more.

Burgundy: +5 HP.

England: Researching Longbowmen provides +20 HP, +4 range, +2 attack (Requires Combined Arms).

Flanders: +5 HP.

France: cost more wood, less florins.

Genoa: +10 HP.

Guelders: more HP, slower

Poland: +1 attack vs. buildings (Team Bonus.

Savoy: cheaper, less HP

Scotland: +1 range, +5 HP. Researching Gaelicisation makes them cheaper.